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  • QUALITY - Our Luxury Scented Wax Candles are made with the finest essential oils and come in a premium glass jar. These look, feel and smell like something four times the price.

  • TASTEFUL - The design is deliberately subtle to allow to blend into any room. Regardless of your interior style this candle will look and smell the part.

  • HAPPINESS - Rose scents are known to make people feel happier. This luxury scented wax candle can help set the perfect mood - and because of the price point, you can enjoy its benefits Everyday.

  • HELPS RELIEVE STRESS & ANXIETY - The unique combination of scents in this premium scented candle is known to provide effective relief from stress and anxiety, instantly improving your mood on days when you're feeling a little overwhelmed.

  • LASTS A LONG, LONG TIME - Each of our luxury scented candles is designed to last approximately 35 hours.

  • At Everyday Studios, we want to make products that smell, feel and look as good as high mark-up 'premium' alternatives but at a price that means you can use it everyday.

    No more only lighting a candle once a week or just on special occasions - use this candle daily; to relax, to create a stress free mood, to mask odors or just because!

    Our large luxury scented candles will burn for 35+ hours, are hand poured in the United Kingdom and use the finest premium, natural smelling, essential oils.

    Give yourself the gift of happiness and relaxation with An Everyday Candle Luxury Scented Wax Candle

    Scents such as Lavender and Peppermint , fragrances such as our Lime, Bail and Mandarin and this Tuberose, Iris & Orange Leaves are a great way to instantly change your mood for the better, and this premium scented candle is specifically formulated to not only make you feel happier and more energetic, but also less stressed regardless of what's happening around you. Now you can enjoy great scents and their benefits Everyday.

    Our mission is to provide people with high quality everyday items at a price that allows you to use them every day.

    Our Tuberose, Iris & Orange Leaves scent is complex yet familiar. Strong but never overwhelming or intrusive in a room. This is a year-round candle; so perfect for Summer or Winter. It's part of our initial launch set of three fine fragrances.

    ✅ True-to-life scents
    ✅ Easier to use and maintain than a diffuser
    ✅ Perfect as a gift or for personal use at home or the office

    Add the An Everyday Luxury Scented Wax Candle to your cart NOW and begin to enjoy the benefits Everyday

    An Everyday Candle | Tuberose Iris & Orange Leaves Fragrance | Luxury Scented Wax Candle | Comes in Elegant White Colour in Premium Glass Jar | Large Size – 220g B07DHS8RQB

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